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raideBMS is an accounting and business management software designed for SMEs that help customers in supporting their daily business activities purchase, Inventory, sales, distribution, asset and employee management while improving all their business processes.
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raideHCM assist an organization to administer its human resources. The solution incorporates the entire procedure of the workforce from their hiring to training to retirement; timing of the employees; planning and supervision of staff; performance, payroll, people analytics, and reports.
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raideCRM is product-focused on simplifying the process of contacts and leads management along with generating quotations, keeping track of them, and then managing the delivery of items and services according to it.
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raideWeighing is adjustable and flexible management software that significantly streamlines the weighing and sales process and helps to avoid human errors. raideWeighing software could be adapted to the individual needs of every client.
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Distinct features of raideIT Solutions

Easy to Customize

We help customers to customize the solution according to their business requirements and demands.

Extreme Security

We deliver products and solutions digitally signed and verified.

Customer Support

We provide round the clock technical support.

Creative Design

All our products are designed for a better user experience with attrative look and feel.

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Our products and solutions are designed by industry's leading business analysts and solution architect.


Providing cost-effective solutions and helping businesses with its innovative applications, a vision of raideIT.


All our products and solutions are designed and developed with modern and cutting edge technologies.